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Tennessee’s Natchez Valley branding launched in Wayne County

The South Central Tennessee Tourism Association aligned with the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce announced the new branding effort for Wayne County Tourism, the Natchez Valley.

Wayne County is the gateway to Tennessee byway of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, and offers and amazing number of outdoor activities and iconic outdoor destinations for visitors traveling the Trace.

"We worked with Christine for well over a year to nail down a branding effort that would provide an appropriate umbrella to brand all of the amazing assets and developments Wayne County has to offer.

Without Christine's dedication and leadership, a project like this doesn't happen. She was instrumental in the birth, development, and rollout of this brand, and I hope it's an effort she's appreciated for over the many years to come.

She deserves a lot of credit and appreciation for having a vision that will truly help leverage Wayne County in the tourism marketing world.

With the Natchez Trace, Tennessee River, Buffalo River, it makes sense to leverage these amazing outdoor assets and invite visitors to eat, shop, stay and explore this beautiful place.

Wayne County also is the bedrock of many iconic musicians that graced the stages of Nashville. Being in the center of Nashville's Big Back Yard, this brand also celebrates the focus areas of that effort, further capatilizing on the opportunity it provides the community.

Through the efforts of so many, like our friend the late Babe Staggs, among others, Wayne County Walk of Fame, we can celebrate the music, the history, and the outdoors of such a special place with a brand I hope we can all be proud of", said SCTTA Executive Director Ryan French.

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