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Bike Tennessee set to launch May 23rd

I was thrilled to attend the Bike Tennessee pre-launch meeting held on April 17th in Bell Buckle and hosted by TDTD's Jenny Veal and Silas Stoddart.

Set to officially launch on May 23rd, 2024, Bike Tennessee will introduce 52 custom-designed cycling routes, expertly crafted by biking authority Shannon Burke, through the new platform,

Key Features of Bike Tennessee:

  • Diverse Routes: 52 state-wide routes accessible through the Ride with GPS app.

  • Expert Design: Shannon Burke has meticulously mapped each route.

  • Support and Engagement: TDTD will boost the program with FAM tours to familiarize and engage stakeholders.

  • Target Demographic: The routes are tailored to attract seasoned cyclists who are generally older and have more disposable income.

  • Community Collaboration: SCTTA plans to hold meetings with local DMOs and government bodies to manage increased traffic and maximize local opportunities.

  • Future Expansions: Plans include adding gravel and mountain biking trails.

  • Prestigious Partnership: Tennessee, alongside Oregon, will become a member of the “Ride with GPS” ambassador program.

  • Digital Integration: A dedicated cycling landing page on will debut on the same day as the program launch to support related events, local outfitters, and like directly to the resources.

  • Promotional Tools: Distribution of a rack card to promote the program.

  • Community Outreach: TDTD is encouraging community involvement and education about the increased volum of cyclist into the area. SCTTA will be hosting pre-launch sessions in each community to go into details about the routes and encourage potential additional safety measures as well as funding mechanisms.

Additional Insights into the Bicycle Industry:

  • Economic Impact: The cycling industry was valued at $101 billion in 2022.

  • Growing Popularity: Cycling is the fastest-growing outdoor recreational activity in the nation, with 48 million recreational cyclists.

Highlighted Routes in the South Central Tennessee Area:

  • Bell Buckle Loop

  • Lynchburg Loop

  • Sewanee Alto Loop

  • Mousetail Landing State Park Loop

  • Collinwood Wayneboro Loop

  • Minor Hill Loop

  • Liepers Fork Loop

This program aims to not only boost local tourism and economic activity but also to enhance Tennessee’s reputation as a premier destination for cycling enthusiasts.


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