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Local Chambers of Commerce are indispensable for tourism as they serve as a nexus between the community's assets and potential visitors. Their intimate knowledge of the local area, combined with their extensive network of business relationships, allows them to effectively market the unique qualities and experiences a destination offers.


By championing local businesses, attractions, and events, Chambers play a crucial role in creating a cohesive brand for their region that resonates with tourists. Their efforts in organizing and promoting events, providing visitor information, and advocating for tourism-friendly policies help to create a welcoming and vibrant environment. This not only enhances the visitor experience but also stimulates the local economy by driving consumer traffic to area businesses. Through their initiatives, Chambers of Commerce ensure that tourism remains a central, thriving pillar of their community’s economic vitality.

SCTTA's Chamber Partnership Program is designed to expand on the expertise of the local chamber by offering a set of tourism-centric tools to help local businesses navigate the specifics of the industry. At the end of the day, the larger network we build of tourism-ready businesses, the larger impact tourism will have on the local economy. 

Chamber Partnership Details

Direct Chamber Benefits

Chamber Members Benefits

  • Three Annual Tourism workshops developed and hosted by SCTTA -

    • Tourism Tools "Don't leave FREE on the table"​

    • Tourism Impact, A Deep Dive into Local Tourism Economic Impact

    • Social Media Strategy for Tourism-minded businesses.

  • Monthly Industry Newsletter

  • Eligible for Ambassador & Influencer Visits and referrals

  • Eligible for Social Media Shares

  • Expanded Listing Page on

    • Hero Image​

    • Social Links

    • Photo Gallery

    • Narrative 

    • Back-end access

  • Profile set-up for and Tennessee River Valley Geotourism Pages.

  • Listed on the Experience Tennessee App under Welcome Centers & Information stops.

  • Eligible for Monthly Blog Submissions

  • FREE CO-OP SCTTA Membership: All "Tourism-Ready" Chamber Members can sign up for a FREE CO-OP Membership. This includes businesses in the following categories: attractions, eat & and drink, lodging, and shopping.

  • Listing Page Update

    • Hero Image​

    • Information Update and Audit

  • Membership Door Cling

  • Eligible for 3-Star Certification

  • Monthly Industry Newsletter

  • Workshop Invites

  • Invited to SCTTA Membership FB Group

  • Included in the Experience Tennessee App

    • Generic Graphic​

    • Link to Listing Page on

  • Included in Brochure Program Mapping


Annual Membership

Note: Schlarships are availble for smaller chambers. Combination pricing for Chambers that house Downtown Programs.

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