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Membership & Industry Dashboard

Welcome to the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association's Membership & Industry Dashboard. This Dashboard is designed to bring all of the local, regional, and state tourism industry tools to one centralized location.


From here you can manage your membership with SCTTA, tap into industry resources like grants and scholarships, and even take advantage of discounted co-op marketing and printing opportunities. 

Membership Tools & Benefits

Lori Grimes

As the Director of Business Strategy, Lori focuses on consulting with tourism-ready businesses across the south-central Tennessee region. 

As a member of SCTTA, our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to maximize the impact the tourism industry can have on your business. Contact Lori to elevate your strategy today. 


Membership Listing Pages

Membership Communications

Forms and Submissions

Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

Stephanie Roselli

If you are interested in maximizing your marketing budget, reach out to Stephanie Roselli, SCTTA's Director of Marketing. 

Stephanie has a Bachelor's in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Evansville and is uniquely positioned to provide valuable guidance about marketing within the tourism industry.

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