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downtown tennessee

Downtown Tennessee is a program with the objective of developing a “destination like” marketing approach to downtown areas across the region. Downtowns across Tennessee offer a great deal of opportunity and diversity. Downtown experiences enhance the quality of life, quality of a visit, and drive local economies with locally owned shops and restaurants. 


Like many efforts, downtowns often depend on various government and private mechanisms when organizing on the local level. The idea behind this program is to strategically align those efforts both locally and regionally. By working together across organizations like chambers of commerce, Main Street programs, and independent movements, this program will be able to develop marketing strategies that provide consistent visitor information for each downtown in the region. 


The program launch is projected for spring and summer of 2021 and will be promoted with both printed and digital media. The domain is

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become a tennessean

Become a Tennessean is a liveability focused marketing effort to highlight the benefits of moving to the South Central Tennessee region. The effort will be organized by a region-wide team of ECD, education, real estate, and chamber professionals. This team will compile data on metrics across the liveability standards and highlight key competitive components that Tennessee has versus other states. 


This program will also provide important organizational contact information and highlight each community with a landing page that points out the cost of living, job opportunities, housing information, education, and other key points of interest. 


The program launch is projected for spring and summer of 2021 and will be promoted with both printed and digital media. The domain is

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sctta regional marketing committee

The SCTTA Marketing Committee was created to help organize marketing assets at the local, regional, and state levels. A key to operating a regional marketing effort is to have an understanding of the assets that our communities have developed and the narratives that are being promoted.

By developing a strategy around coordinating development of regional marketing assets around local and state assets, we are able to ensure that most effective and efficient marketing efforts. Our goal with this committee is to ensure efficient spending, eliminate duplicity, and develop strong consistent messaging to potential visitors to our state.

New Tourism Partner tools

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This website, is an entirly new effort from SCTTA to organize our relationships with our partners and communities. We also use this site to share information, data, and assets.

Community Content - This section is ground zero for SCTTA content. Here we will store photos, videos, articles, and other marketing content for communities to utilize as they see fit. All of this information is license free and able to be used for any local marketing efforts our partners need it for.

Become a Member - Potential partners can now look into the resources we provide and sign up online to become members.

Newsroom - This section will be utilized for industry press releases, local press releases, and other relevant press. All items in this section will also be shared with our network of over 100 media outlets.

Article Submission - This section is designed for partners to submit press releases or articles to be shared on our websites.

Submit Events - Partners can now submit and keep an updated log of local events happening in their area. This information will be shared with all of our appropriate channels. 

Tourism Data - This section is for DMO's, Local Governments, and Partners to browse the latest tourism industry data.

Why SCTTA - This section will be updated with goings on in the SCTTA organization and provide resources for what communities and partners are getting for their investment into our organization. 

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