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Proposal Development Tool


Page One - Cover Page

Business Name: We will always include the business logo and hero image on this opening page.


Page Three - Operations Page

Where do they call home: SCTTA manages various brands that overlap the entire region. When we can showcase an effort beyond what our primary efforts are, it simply provides more value to the potential partnership or sponsorship.


Page Five- Pitch Page

What Four (4) products are we pitching?

Pitch Details: What exactly are you pitching? For example, if you are pitching a centerfold, detail that in this area. Please provide details for any guide that you are presenting.

Pitch Box #1

Pitch Box #2

Pitch Box #3

Pitch Box #4


Page 6 - Thank You Page

Thank You Page: Detail the information that you want to include on the Thank You page.

Logos & Graphics

Upload File

Logo or Graphics: Please attach any specific logos or graphics that you want to be included in the proposal. If you do not attach a file we will use whatever we can find online that best suites the proposal.

Thank you for your submission!

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