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What is the South Central TN Tourism Association's GAP Program?

The South Central Tennessee Tourism Association’s (SCTTA) Grant Assistance Program (GAP) is a comprehensive initiative designed to bolster tourism and infrastructure across the region. The GAP Program encompasses three major components to enhance community readiness and competitiveness for tourism-related grants and funding opportunities.

1. Community Profiling:

The GAP Program embarks on an extensive community profiling for each county and municipality within the region. This facet involves the meticulous compilation of tourism data, travel data, sales tax information, and occupancy tax data, among other essential details. Through surveys of elected officials and significant community leaders, the program pinpoints individuals who play a crucial role in advancing tourism initiatives. Each community profile offers a comprehensive overview of tourism assets and needs, laying down a clear and concise path to ensure that communities are fully prepared and eligible for various tourism-related grants. This structured profile aids in making the communities 100% grant-ready.

2. Partnership with Tennessee Tourism Investment Project:

The second pivotal component of the GAP Program involves a collaboration with the Tennessee Tourism Investment Project. This partnership aims to raise funds to be utilized as matching dollars for grants. The financial assistance generated through this collaboration further facilitates investment into critical tourism infrastructure and asset development across the region. This financial support enhances the region's capacity to attract tourists and provides a significant boost to local economies.

3. Grant Writing and Administration Assistance:

To ensure communities can successfully navigate the complex grant application and administration process, the GAP Program offers user-friendly tools and resources. SCTTA stands as a supportive ally for communities, offering its expertise in grant writing and administration. This service ensures that communities do not miss out on crucial funding opportunities due to technicalities or administrative hurdles. With SCTTA’s assistance, communities can focus on utilizing grants effectively to enhance tourism and infrastructure, ensuring sustainable and long-term growth for the region.

In conclusion, the SCTTA’s GAP Program is a robust and multifaceted initiative that reinforces the region's tourism sector. By ensuring communities are grant-ready, facilitating crucial partnerships for funding, and providing invaluable assistance in grant writing and administration, the GAP Program stands as a cornerstone for the development and enhancement of tourism in South Central Tennessee.

Current Grant Catalogs

Grant Catalogs
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