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Experience Tennessee Brand

The South Central Tennessee Tourism Association has developed the forward-facing brand "Experience Tennessee". This brand is utilized to market the region to potential visitors as well as domestically within the region and across other regions within the State of Tennessee.

The concept of the brand is built around highlighting not only the visit or travels to Tennessee, but the Experiences our guests have while they are here. The South Central Tennessee region has a strong offering of experiences that are not only great locations to visit but provide memories for a lifetime. 

From the mountains in Sewanee down to the hills and valleys of Lynchburg, Wartrace, and Bell Buckle. Rivers that spread across the map from the Duck and Elk, to the Buffalo and Tennessee Rivers. Our region is blessed with amazing natural areas that provide authentic experiences as well as world-class destinations that draw visitors from around the world. 

By leveraging this flexible brand, we invite our guest's experiences of a lifetime. Experience the Waterfalls, Experience the Rivers, Experience the Natchez Trace, the outdoors, the music, the whiskey, and so much more. 

Making a difference at home

The South Central Tennessee Tourism Association "SCTTA" is a regional non-profit tourism industry marketing and development agency, created by the state of Tennessee in 1973, with a mission to serve as a catalyst to enhance regional economic and community growth through the support, promotion, and development of tourism.

SCTTA serves as one of nine statewide regional tourism organizations recognized by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development as a partner. Each of the nine regional organizations works closely with the State Department of Tourist Development to promote and implement marketing strategies and grant opportunities for service regions. 


SCTTA serves 13 counties, 37 cities or towns, and hundreds of unincorporated communities in a region including Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, Perry, and Wayne Counties.

As the designated Regional Tourism Office, the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association is supported by a State of Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Endowment Grant. Each year local county and city governments within the region designated by the State of Tennessee as the "South Central Region" are charged "dues" to support the obligations that SCTTA has to the tourism industries development, and to provide the required match of the TDTD Endowment Grant.


Dues are based on the population of each county and city based on census data or population projections in subsequent years and are on a sliding schedule.


Our community, our narrative

"Narrative-Based Marketing" is a primary focus of SCTTA. We believe that the most effective type of marketing is "storytelling". With so many amazing assets throughout the region, telling the story of our communities is imperative. From local shop owners to an authentic history that is woven into the soul of America, Tennessee is a story waiting to be told, and we are here to tell it. 

One of our core initiatives for storytelling has been the advent of our Experience Tennessee Ambassadors Program. This program started with 18 members from across the South Central Region that explore, blog, photograph and take videos of local businesses, attractions, and events across the region.

Two additional content programs have grown from the Ambassadors Program including "Hey Y'all" and "In State with Kate". These two video series take a more in-depth look at happenings around the region including dives into history, small businesses, and stories that are woven into the fabric of the communities of our region. 

SCTTA has also developed a team of professional journalists that produce over 100 unique stories about our region annually. In addition to our journalism team, we have also developed an ambassador program that will work with influencers across the region to provide a unique view on the outdoors, dining, shopping, attractions, and other experiences in our communities.

Finally, SCTTA has strategically teamed with the State of Tennessee Department of Tourist Development as well as regional organizations, such as Nashville's Big Back Yard to assist in the development, planning, and execution of media tours (FAM tours). These tours bring journalists from all over the country into our region so they can experience our area and write about it in various national publications. These partnerships have produced millions of dollars in ad equivalency marketing and truly make a difference when it comes to telling the story of our region. 


Digital & Online Presence

The backbone to our online presence is the website and our These two tools come together to provide one of the most comprehensive regional websites in the country. Visitors can navigate the backroads with top recommendations and a guide that provides information on every restaurant, attraction, historical site, and lodging option across the map. breaks down assets by Places, Experiences (things to do), our Blog, and our Events calendar. These four directives lead visitors into in-depth information about everything from our Tennessee Whiskey, Wines, and Brews Trails to our Pick Tennessee Agritourism "Pick your own" farms, creameries, and pumpkin patches! The page also showcases our blog, online store, and monthly digital visitors guides. 

In addition to the website, we manage an Experience Tennesse mobile app that is available on Apple and Android phones, as well as social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube.

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MEdia & Fam Tours

One of the more exciting opportunities our organization plans and participates in is Media & Fam Tours. When hosting these tours SCTTA coordinates with partners to schedule itineraries that journalists from across the county participate in. These tours result in coverage of the are in various national publications, websites, and blogs. 

Keep up with various publications and happenings on the media page. This page not only showcases articles that are generated from these tours but also other types of coverage, events, and press opportunities. 

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